MARCH 8th, 6-11 pm

We all exist in a chosen reality that is uniquely our own. What choices have you made to create your own exceptional world? How is your world different from others? Do you ever yearn to escape to a different universe, and if so, what would you do to belong there? Explore these themes and ideas with new works by Brittany Kusa. Look forward to challenging your reality. In what world do you live?

“Brittany Kusa makes work that gushes, glitters and vomits an inimitable humor that’s as gross as it is sexy. It also harbors a distinctively scathing and unapologetic feminist bent. Or just a Brittany-gives-zero-fucks bent. In addition to making commissioned illustrations and fine art (her paintings are sometimes actually lacquered with glitter that scintillates under patterns of pink or purple cartoon breasts), she is a regular contributor to the over-the-top newsprint illustrated serial The Intruder.“ -Amanda Manitach for City Arts Magazine