September 12th, 6-11pm

Here at The Trophy Room it is our Mission™ to help you CELEBRATE ACHIEVEMENT™ ACCOMPLISH SUCCESS™ TRIUMPH™ and WIN™ !

Feel like a winner AND a loser living in an absurd reality ~ inside ***The Trophy Room*** ~ a site-specific installation that includes sculpture, poetry, and painting by Colleen Louise Barry.

The show features a poem in the form of trophies you can take home, with one line from the poem written on each of the 80 trophies around the room, making an infinitely rearrangeable text-sculpture.

In line with Barry's work at Mount Analogue and elsewhere, the goal of the installation is total transformation, creating an immersive and ephemeral experience.

OPENING: Thursday, September 12th • Capitol Hill Art Walk 6-11pm • Featuring DJ sets and some other surprises :)

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Colleen Louise Barry is an artist and writer. She runs the interdisciplinary project Mount Analogue and her work has been published and exhibited widely. @colleenlouisebarry / @themountanalogue /