By now you've been to The Factory, right? No? Well, First off, come check out our next art show and have some fun with us (Thursday, April 28th!) Now how do I explain The Factory? The Factory, in a nutshell, is a experimental art gallery and community space that holds short run art exhibits and events throughout the year.  It's a magical little space that swells with individuals who are passionate about local art and the people who create it. A clubhouse of sorts to see art, make art, and make friends. 

Within Factory's first year we held countless art openings , a night of stellar musical performances, the self proclaimed least boring poetry event of the year, as well as pop up shops, writers nights, and other interactive events.

If you have been to The Factory before you may have experienced rolling around in a pit of plush diamonds, credit cards and rolex watches during Amanda James Parkers "Fluff Piece," a world of ultra-short form videos, animations and moving images on over 50 screens at the group show "12 Seconds Max" co-curated by Janet Galore, and even cut out pieces of a very large painting measuring eight feet tall and twelve feet across that was sold by the pound by Graham Downing.

What goes into running The Factory?

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