September 8, 6-11 pm

Have you ever reached under your bed and found a roll of film languishing in obscurity amid your watermelon Bubblicious wrappers? What tragedy is this? How many of these are there and what untold secrets might they bestow on us if only given the chance? If a letter is never mailed is it still a letter? What if it’s only an envelope of sand? 

UNDEVELOPED is a show in which we unearth these expired, warped, and corroded moments of life and bring them into the light of day to be seen and heard before they are once again lost to the sands of time. Join us in this empty pool, on the edge of a secret beach, inside the intimate cabana of The Factory, as we shall all bathe for one evening in the same bizarre collective, wonderful, beautiful, trash strewn seaside memory of a childhood that never was.

Sandy Wittenhagen
Tommy Nease
Lauren Segarra
Lauren Max
Timothy Rysdyke