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June 14th, 6-11 pm

Anthony White’s creative practice explores the components of nostalgia, childhood, young love, and memories that form his personality and build his artistic identity. He is influenced by the exponential growth of technology and the result it has on contemporary youth romance, taboo issues and social hierarchies; ones that live on opposite ends of familiarity.

His most recent body of work clashes two tiers of status by placing accoutrements of low value in extremely grandiose luxurious environments. His process requires laborious acts of repetition and detail oriented craftsmanship to recreate patterns and textures of historical trade skills, all out of plastic.

Anthony’s work has been presented in galleries across the U.S. and internationally, and in 2017 spent five months working and exhibiting at The New York Studio Residency Program. Most recently he started curating While Supplies Last, his community-building project at the Amandine Bakeshop during Capitol Hill Art Walk.